Unmasked Bible Study

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A new study for those wondering what true faith looks like

Weekly on Mondays

Each session will include a brief lesson with discussion and opportunities to ask questions.  Prior classes are not a prerequisite - Join anytime!

Study Overview

Session 1: The Unmasked Truth


Overview of all topics discussed and introductions

Session 2: Who is Jesus?


Who really was Jesus?

Session 3: The Bible



Getting to know God's word

Session 4: God



What is God like?

Session 5: Church



What is the church? What role does the church play?

Session 6: Holy Spirit


What is the Holy Spirit?  What role does the Holy Spirit play?

Session 7: Prayer



Introduction to prayer

Session 8: False Conversion vs. Genuine Faith



What are some common errors and misconceptions that exist about Christianity?

Interested in participating?

Sign up here or email unmasked@gospellifechurch.net

Pittsburgh Background

Join us Sundays at 

9:15 am & 11:00 am