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Supported Ministries

Slippery Rock Baptist Camp

Slippery Rock Baptist Camp (SRBC) is one of the best-kept secrets in western Pennsylvania. It is a youth camp that accommodates many aspects of a growing family. They have a day camp for first through third graders, over-night camps for those in the fourth through twelfth grade, weekend retreats for teens and adults plus a special day just for senior saints. All of the activities are wrapped in the Bible and the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our activities and games point to growth in Christ.

Click here to visit the SRBC website.


Harvest USA

Harvest USA ministers those who struggle with sexual sin issues of all types, such as pornography, sexual addictions, etc. The ministry today works directly with men, women, youth and even entire families who have been impacted by these devastating issues. They remain committed to their vision statement: Proclaiming Christ as Lord to a Sexually Broken World.

Click here to visit the Harvest USA website.

The Baptist Institute of Pittsburgh: Partnering in Baptist Theological Education

The mission of the Baptist Institute of Pittsburgh is to glorify God by providing solid theological education to the Baptist and like-minded community of Pittsburgh and surrounding region. Our commitment is to uphold the inspired, authoritative, inerrant, and sufficient Word of God.

FBCEC is committed to theological education in western Pennsylvania in partnership with the Baptist Institute of Pittsburgh. The church partner program is a way to keep churches involved in what The Baptist Institute is doing. Church partners support the Institute, receive students in internships, and help us provide the best theological education possible.

Click here to visit The Baptist Institute's website.

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Pittsburgh Background

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