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Christian Living Classes

CLC is a ministry of Gospel Life Church that ministers to the high school age - adults. The purpose of CLC is to disciple the body of Christ through the teaching of Scripture. Each class is sourced in the inspired and authoritative Word of God and addresses one of the following three areas of study: exposition of various passages of Scripture, development of Christian theology, or the application of Scripture in practical Christian living. Some core classes are offered on a rotating basis, because we believe the material in these classes should be adequately grasped by every believer.

CLC Scholar graduation-cap-hi2

CLC Scholar is a track of Christian Living Classes making available college-level scholarship classes to the congregation of GLC. The design of the program is to facilitate deeper study of Scripture through in-depth surveys on the Bible and on theology. Each class can be enjoyed by anyone in the way that every CLC class is offered, but if a person desires to learn at a greater depth, the opportunity will be afforded through outside reading and the study of a discussion topic.

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Due to COVID-19, we will be offering one class, once a month as part of our Ministry Night.             

 Love & Respect

Discover the single greatest secret to a successful marriage. Psychological studies affirm it, and the Bible has been saying it for ages. Cracking the communication code between husband and wife involves understanding one thing: that unconditional respect is as powerful for him as unconditional love is for her. It's the secret to marriage that every couple seeks, and yet few couples ever find.

Today, you and your mate can start fresh with the ground-breaking guidance that Dr. Emerson Eggerichs provides in this 10 session conference. His revolutionary message is for anyone: in marital crisis...wanting to stay happily married...who's feeling lonely. It's for engaged couples...victims of affairs...pastors and counselors seeking material that can save a marriage.

Using Dr. Eggerich's breakthrough techniques, couples are achieving a brand-new level of intimacy and learning how to: - stop the Crazy Cycle of conflict - initiate the Energizing Cycle of change - enjoy the Rewarded Cycle of new passion!

And if you'll take this biblically based counsel to heart, your marriage could be next!


Facilitators: Dave Trepanier & John Ozolek
Location: Sanctuary


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