We currently are offering two Sunday morning services. For information concerning those services, see our Reopening Chapter 3 Page. Please see our most recent letter from the elders: COVID-19: July 4 Update.


January 19 - April 26
Sundays    9:45 am

Christian Living Classes

CLC is a ministry of Gospel Life Church that ministers to the high school age - adults. The purpose of CLC is to disciple the body of Christ through the teaching of Scripture. Each class is sourced in the inspired and authoritative Word of God and addresses one of the following three areas of study: exposition of various passages of Scripture, development of Christian theology, or the application of Scripture in practical Christian living. Some core classes are offered on a rotating basis, because we believe the material in these classes should be adequately grasped by every believer.

CLC Scholar graduation-cap-hi2

CLC Scholar is a track of Christian Living Classes making available college-level scholarship classes to the congregation of GLC. The design of the program is to facilitate deeper study of Scripture through in-depth surveys on the Bible and on theology. Each class can be enjoyed by anyone in the way that every CLC class is offered, but if a person desires to learn at a greater depth, the opportunity will be afforded through outside reading and the study of a discussion topic.

For an overview of the CLC Scholar program, click here.


Theology 1

Theology 1 is the second class offered in the CLC scholar track. This class will provide an introduction to theology. After the introduction, we will look at the study of God’s Word and the method of theology.

Teacher: Dave Trepanier           
Location: Main Assembly Room                

The Parables

One of Jesus’ popular ways of teaching was through the use of parables. In this class, we will work through six of those parables: 1) Hidden Treasure; 2) The Good Samaritan; 3) The Shrewd Manager; 4) The Widow and the Judge; 5) The Sower; and 6) The Prodigal Son. These six parables will be taught in a two week format.  The first week we we’ll seek to understand the parable. The second week will be focused  on personal application from the parable.

Teacher: Jeff Boozer
Location: Creekside Classroom

Jonah: You Can't Outrun Grace

Are you running from God? While we won't board a boat to flee halfway across the world like the Old Testament prophet did, you and I run from the call of God every day. Most times, we don't even realize we're running. The Good News of the gospel is that we can never outrun grace.
Join us as we view a DVD based study with best-selling author Paul David Tripp through the book of Jonah to discover how God chases us down, forgives us, and gives us a second chances to participate in the work of his kingdom.

Teacher: Keith Reagan
Location: Cityside Classroom

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