Christian Living Classes

CLC is a ministry of Gospel Life Church that ministers to the high school age - adults. The purpose of CLC is to disciple the body of Christ through the teaching of Scripture. Each class is sourced in the inspired and authoritative Word of God and addresses one of the following three areas of study: exposition of various passages of Scripture, development of Christian theology, or the application of Scripture in practical Christian living. Some core classes are offered on a rotating basis, because we believe the material in these classes should be adequately grasped by every believer.

Session 3 (Current Session: January 27 - April 28)

A Battle Plan to Confront Deceptions, Distractions, and Dilutions of the Modern Gospel
This class is not only going to discuss the "issues" we need to confront as believers in the 21st century, but solutions that God provides for us in His Word to counter them. There will be discussion on the ways to battle apathy that leads to ignorance and the subtle ways in which this invades our lives as believers.  God wants us to be prepared for the battle we will face as we strive to be effective in His kingdom.  My goal is that we will have a greater desire to fight the "good" fight of faith. Take hold of eternal life to which you were called and about which you made the good confession in the presence of  many witnesses. I Timothy 6:12.

How to Help People Change
In How to Help People Change, Pastor Dave will cover how God has called believers into a community in order to perform His perfect work of sanctification. Time will be spent analyzing how our understanding of God, sanctification, the human heart, idolatry, personal image, trials, and conflict affects how we change or do not change into Christ likeness. This class is meant to provide a catalyst for believers to move their Christian relationships with each other from beyond the surface to the heart - the place where real, lasting change takes place.

Critical Thinking: Cold Case Christianity (High School)
The time for being spoon-fed the essentials of Christianity is now ended. Let’s start to think critically of all we have committed to memory or have been told is truth. The world is not a friend to Christian principles and thought, and it will attack the very foundations of the Bible.  From secular schools, television, radio, the internet, and even within the church, these assaults challenge a person’s beliefs in the truth of God’s word. 

As we ask questions and seek answers to defend what we come to see personally of the reasonableness of scripture, the participant should come away stronger in the faith and better able to defend those truths. If not a believer at its inception, this course will challenge the unbeliever to see the word of God in a light that challenges unbelief and be exposed to the call of Christ on his or her life. 


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