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It is time to talk. I have been avoiding it as long as possible. But I can’t keep my mouth shut any more. Any of you who know me, know the averse reaction I have to politics. I have labeled myself as a “political atheist” - not meaning that I think God is not in politics, but it is an easy way to say that my God is not politics. So, for me to write about politics means that I have probably had enough of seeing people I love and know follow Christ still so passionately divisive over the president-elect.

I’m still a political atheist. That hasn’t changed. I did my duty and voted. My vote wasn’t for the winning side. Neither was it for the candidate who won the popular vote. So, realize that I did get involved in the political process as I write this - and do not believe I won in the election either.

Those who profess to follow Christ, let me ask you this simple question: have we become so much of this world that we really think the a political system embedded in this fallen world, a world run by the ruler of this age, would really accomplish the righteousness of God? This question is not solely directed to the losing party, but to both the winners and the losers.

I understand those who feel the weight of the loss. Many of my fellow believers voted for her driven by how they thought her ideals would best fulfill the second great commandment - even knowing and disagreeing with her views on abortion.

I understand those who feel the sense of victory. Many of my fellow believers voted for him driven by a sense that his views would help protect the American people and create flourishing - even knowing and disagreeing with his personal character and charades.

(If you want to read a recent article written on the subject of labeling a vote as sin, please read: If you think a vote is a sin.)

But really - do we place our hope in this world? If you lost, I really think the sense of despair that you feel should be a check on how much you might have placed your hope in this world. If you won, I really think the relief and sense you feel that everything will be okay should be a check on how much you might have placed your hope in the world. I’ve heard a lot of people say God is on the throne - both pre and post election. But as I read my newsfeed on Facebook and Twitter, I’m not so sure Christians really believe it. There! I’ve opened my mouth!


I agree. I feel that I have gotten wrapped up in the election and have not put my faith first. Win loose it don't matter. If you believe in God and trust him and follow him there you will never loose

Very well said! We've bought into too many lies...

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