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Psalm 32: Deal with Sin


Sin only destroys. It brought death into this world and continues to produce havoc in its wake. The writer of this psalm, David, intimately knew the collateral damage of his own sin. His most famous failure resulted in two deaths and the violation of the marriage covenant (cf. 2 Sam 11-12). What started as a lustful look ended in a deplorable disaster.

We know this. Our experience affirms this. Yet, when temptation comes along, we forget this. We see the Turkish delight that our fleshly desires conjure up and choose to focus on the craving rather than the result. We succumb to our temptations. When this happens, we need the message of Psalm 32.

Unconfessed sin eats away at the soul. David sinned. Like most people, he did not quickly admit his transgression. He pretended that his sin was not as big of a deal as God thinks of it. No joy was found in this way of handling his offense. In verses 3-4, David describes the effects of not addressing his sin as causing his bones to waste away, drying up his strength, and bringing groaning all day long. He viewed God only as a judge, with His hand heavy upon David (v. 4).

So it is with us when we fail to address sin in our lives. It devours our soul, distorts our view of God, and disrupts our fellowship with the Savior. Who, in their right mind, would want to remain in that scenario? The way out is simple, and laid out by David in Psalm 32:5--Confess sin. Deal with it. Address it. Expose it. Acknowledge it. When we do, God forgives, restores, and brings back the joy that sin destroyed.

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Well said bro. Oh how we need to be reminded of this life saving truth

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