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Mission: Why We Don't Evangelize



It seems ironic that the one mission we are called to fulfill as individual Christians and churches, we fail to fulfill. Today, I want to focus on evangelism and reasons that we do not evanglize. There are multiple reasons that we fail to evangelize. I'm not intending to out these reasons in order to place a guilt trip on us; rather, I think that looking at these reasons creates honesty about our failure to evangelize.

Fear. I believe the number one reason we do not evangelize the lost lies in our fear. First, many of us possess a fear of failure. We fear that we are inadequately prepared to answer any objections that a person might lob our direction. We fear that we will fail in presenting Gospel adequately. We fear that the Gospel will be rejected because of our presentation. Let me offer this brief reminder: we are not called to save anyone; we are simply called to proclaim the Gospel. If we are geniunely saved, we know the Gospel. We need to share it. If any need help in articulating it more clearly, grab a believer you know who can help you become more polished in your presentation of the Gospel.

Second, we don't evangelize because we fear what our family, our friends, our co-workers, or our neighbors might think of us. We are concerned that we will be labeled a 'Jesus Freak' or 'religous nut.' Solomon wisely penned Proverbs 29:25. Remember the words of Proverbs 9:10. I continually have to confess my fear of man. Do the same, and let the fear of God control you.

Distracted. Honestly, many of us are simply too distracted with the 'stuff' of this life. Hear me out. I'm not saying that the 'stuff' of our lives is not important. It is. I simply believe that many of us are too busy living for the American Dream to evangelize. Our lives are consumed by putting bread on the table, our next shot at leisure, and the financial security of our families. These items become the main drive of our lives, rather than received with thanksgiving from God. We are too distracted to evangelize.

Indifferent. This is the reality: every person will spend eternity in one of two places - heaven or hell. If I really understood this reality, I think I would be more prone to evangelize. I think we have become indifferent to the description of hell in passages like Mark 9:47-48 and Revelation 20:11-15. We simply are indifferent to the reality of an eternal hell.

No Compassion. Some of us are not compassionate. We are like Jonah, thinking others as undeserving of God's mercy. We need the type of confrontation that Jonah received from God and heed the heart of God in Jonah 4:11. Remember, you have been forgiven much by our gracious Savior (Luke 7:47).

If we were all honest, we struggle in some of these ways. Take it to the Lord. Seek His strength to share the Gospel. No, we are not all endowed with the gift of evangelism, but we are called to evangelize. 


I agree...I think almost all can resonate with being distracted with good things.

I have often wondered how Paul would evangelize in today's society/culture. This can be one of the most discouraging responsibilities/opportunities for a pastor. No matter how much is accomplished, it is never enough. I would say my #1 struggle is distraction. May I be broken enough to see the plight of the world over my own temporal living.

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