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How Long, O Lord?


Yesterday, I prayed this lament during our Sunday services. The lament took Psalm 13 as its starting point.

A Pastoral Lament from Psalm 13

“How long, O Lord?” asks David in Psalm 13.
We echo that sentiment this morning, O Lord.

How long?
How long must we take counsel in our souls?
And have sorrow in our hearts all day long?
How long shall the enemy of sin rage so shamelessly against your people and your plans?
How long, O Lord?

How long will the sin of prejudice rob another person’s life because he or she is different -
a person made in the image of God?
How long will the darkened hearts of mankind harbor hate or injustice instead of love and service?
How long, O Lord?

How long will civil servants fear to serve their community because others riot and loot?
How long will store owners and communities fear the destruction of their businesses and livelihood?
How long, O Lord?

How long will our world continue to abort children who are deemed a burden and unnecessary?
How long will wrong be called right and right be called wrong?
How long, O Lord?

How long with the church take its cues from the culture, dividing so quickly and assuming the worst of those who disagree?
How long will our passion for who sits in the oval office seem greater than our passion for who sits on the throne of people’s hearts?
How long, O Lord?

How long will we be quick to speak, quick to judge, and quick to anger instead of quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger?
How long will the discourse among brothers and sisters in Christ sound no different from those who are enslaved to sin?
How long, O Lord?

How long, O Lord, until you fix this mess we find ourselves in?
How long until you make things right and instill true justice—impartial and holy justice— from your glorious throne?
How long, O Lord?

How long, until you make all things new and the community of your saints live in harmony?
How long until we get glorified bodies in the resurrection, free from our sins that plague us each day?
How long, O Lord?

O Lord, we wait.
We wait for your return.
We wait for you to make all things new.
How long, O Lord?

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And we cry, "enough is enough!" Come Lord Jesus!" Yet, He delays and hell on earth increases. His delay is opportunity for more to come into His Fold. The only thing that IS enough is that He has made us* His Own and has called us by name and sealed us unto The Day of Salvation. And if that is all we would have on this earth, I cry DYAINU: it is 'enough'. (*us, as in Rom 8:28-29). Father, we pray for the souls that suffer because of those that are blind to Your Truth. Oh, God! Help our cry! Amen

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