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A Prayer for the New Year: 2021

New Year


You have taught us much in 2020:
the frailty of human life,
the fragility of human institutions,
and the fickleness of our security.

We have witnessed the reality of humanity’s fallenness,
it seems, daily;
Anger, violence, hatred, murder, racism, indifference, and evasion of truth.

Unfortunately, it has not only been observed in this world,
but within your church as well.
A people who are to be in the world, but not of the world,
have seemed like the world -
in its speech, mannerisms, and reactions.

We confess we have been quick to pinpoint the sin of others,
without fighting the sin making home in our own hearts.

You have taught us your grace.
This year has revealed the hearts of humanity,
and shone a light into our own hearts.
The picture is bleak.
Only your grace and mercy could forgive us of such darkness.
Only your grace and mercy would choose to use us;
us, a fallen people, your church.

We cannot express our gratitude enough.
There are no words that adequately convey our thanksgiving -
thanksgiving that your grace is greater than all our sin.

as we open the door to 2021,
we ask for a fresh sense of your greatness,
a renewed view of your majesty,
and a reinvigorated passion for your mission.

Through your Spirit,
strengthen us to be lowly in spirit,
mournful, meek, hungering and thirsting for righteousness,
pure in heart, and pursuing peace.

Through your Spirit,
enable us to love others as we love ourselves,
to fight sin and confess it daily,
to sacrifice our conveniences for the benefit of those around us,
and to preach your gospel to a lost and dying world.

To the King of Ages, immortal, invisible, the only God,
be honor and glory,
forever and ever.


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